Your app’s success on Google Play (part 3 of 3): app development process vs. the outcome

Once the project planning stages have been completed and a development team has been selected, project execution becomes yet another step in helping you make your ready-to-launch product successful. Direct and regular involvement during the development process is a significant factor leading to a positive outcome.

Your participation in the project implementation involves constant interaction, good understanding of the development method to measure the progress, readiness to negotiate and discuss changes in the app, and control over the testing phase.

Maintaining positive communication at all times

All project correspondence and discussions that provide transparent information and details about the future app help develop trust between you and the development team and ensure a better outcome.

The best practices for interaction with your development team include:

- Maintaining regular communication that allows you to follow your app development during all stages

- Ensuring you can access your key team members, using technology (conducting calls through Skype or Google Hangouts, exchanging emails) or meeting in person if possible. Obtaining phone numbers in case of emergency calls is extremely important.

- Scheduling meetings (typically on a daily basis) involving interactions for updates and progress tracking and ensuring there are no blocking issues

- Conducting meetings with your internal team to ensure your development team is working properly and none of the requirements are confused or misinterpreted.

- Remembering that working with remote teams from other countries means interacting with individuals whose communication culture may differ from yours. Be precise.

Before development, it is best to discuss the tools and techniques your remote team members typically use for communication and make your own suggestions to come up with the most effective communication model for your project.

Understanding how your app will be developed

Knowledge of the app development mode that will be used by your remote team ensures your better management of the whole implementation process. Agile approach is almost ubiquitous for app development. At the same time, different methodologies may be applicable for different projects (Scrum, APM, PRINCE, etc.).

The right product development always focuses on the consumer. Before your project gets into the implementation phase, be sure to discuss the development method you prefer, your expectations during the development, and ways to deal with any unplanned changes to maintain the timeframe.

The app as a product does not have a complete development cycle because its success on the app store depends on offering users a better service, new features, richer UI design, and adjustments to platform changes. The app development process should capture these possible future changes and prepare the team for making predictable updates and improvements.

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