Your app’s success on Google Play (part 2 of 3): Organizing the development process

Once you are getting ready to get underway with your project, your need to set up a project plan for your own responsibilities and obligations apart from the app development team that you are going to work with.

Delegating all major tasks related to Android app development requires your direct involvement in all project phases, starting from an interface design up to the product marketing efforts when the app is complete.

Starting the development process

Before your app development team begins to work on the project, it is vital to discuss your business goals with them. Involving the development team members with that in mind ensures a better understanding of what is expected from development. Share your vision and commercial expectations. By letting them know the specific business goals you are pursuing, you lower the chances of receiving a product that has design or functionality that does not match your vision.

To establish rapport, there are practices that have been proven to be successful:

  • Share information with your development partner. Understanding goals, requirements and benchmarks sets effective communication during the whole project development.
  • Determine and communicate what criteria you are going to use to measure the app’s success (e.g., number of downloads, customer reviews) to provide a better insight into your strategies.
  • Talk to the team members about your level of involvement and how you see the development process progressing and discuss procedures you would prefer for better efficiency.
  • Inform the team members about your priorities most important application features.

Deciding on effective and fast interaction

Timely decision making, instant exchange of information, and an open dialogue are crucial for communication during the project development. Informing your development partner about everything that relates to the project is important. Any lack of critical information may impact the outcome.

Here’s what Google suggests to nurture effective interaction:

  • Ensure that you and your supporting staff are always available to answer any questions that the development team may have.
  • Conduct scheduled meetings to talk to your partner team and get an understanding of how the developers are working, resolve any minor issues and track the development progress “in-person.”
  • Cooperate and discuss the project development with your team or staff to keep the app development focused and the development process aligned to your business needs and expectations.

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