The importance of micro-interactions in web development

The introduction of touch screens introduced a navigation feature called micro-interaction that ensures fast and easy user engagement with website content. Today, micro-interactions are both standard desktop and mobile features that help create focus, improve conversions and directly influence user experience.

How micro-interactions optimize user engagement

Micro-interaction elements do not necessarily represent large icons or images on a screen, but their role in site navigation is significant.

Choosing one song or another on a music player, putting ‘like’ or adding a comment on social media, switching on or off certain features on a website, viewing a message or notification — all these are examples of micro-interactions that enhance a user’s experience.

It is always important for a user to interact and actually see the proof that the action has been performed. At the same time, micro-interactions serves as a tool to educates a user about a new functionality and provides instruction hints on how to complete a certain action or navigate through a website.

According to Google, responsive micro-interactions help users in exploration of a mobile app content since they provide reactions to users’ actions in real time and urge them to further engage with the app content. In emerging technologies, such as Apple Watch and fitness trackers, interaction with a device is fully based on micro-interactions.

That’s why correct location and implementation of micro-interactions as part of design planning helps improve a user’s comfort.

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