Telehealth Apps: Market and Patient Insights [Infographic]

Telehealth apps have become extremely popular lately, as Covid-19 has made people around the world over-concerned with their health. Besides, people have been self-isolating and otherwise trying to reduce the risk of infection, so visiting a doctor has become problematic.

Telemedicine apps have become crucial for disease prevention for millions of people around the world. For example, in the last week of March 2020, there was a 154% increase in telehealth doctor appointments compared with the same period in 2019.

The following chart shows some more breathtaking statistics on telehealth apps and lists some of the key features of telemedicine apps both for patients and doctors.

The numbers above partially explain the popularity of telemedicine solutions today and give some insights into patients’ attitudes towards them. As you can guess, healthcare startups can benefit from the rapid growth of the telehealth market and create a profitable business around a high-quality telehealth platform.

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