How to outsource web development

Say yes to outsourcing or search for in-house professionals? It is the question that both big entrepreneurs and startup companies are asking, trying to measure an aftermath of their choice.

But how to outsource web development? Is it difficult to grow your business if you hire an overseas team? Are there any weaknesses? Let’s take a deep insight into why outsource web development and how your business can win tomorrow by choosing to outsource today.

What makes outsourcing an attractive and effective option?

As a business strategy, outsourcing continues to evolve and adjust to business demands while impacting the way business develops too. With the enormous competition existing on the market of outsourcing today, the efficiency of services, their affordability and the scope of services are increasing as well.

  • Lower development cost

The country’s economy is a strong factor that determines how much you would pay for web development. Prices for web services in the U.S. and in Western Europe countries are significantly higher than similar services of top-flight developers living in a less economically prosperous country.

For example, let’s say you want a website and find out out that may cost you up to twenty thousand dollars if you decide to develop it in the U.S.; at the same time, the total cost may go three times lower if you choose to outsource web development to an offshore team. As a result, with outsourcing, you can either save costs or spend all this money to get more (build a super feature-rich website).

On average you can save from 20–30% to 60% by hiring development experts from overseas.

  • Flexible development process

Under a contract that you sign with an outsourcing company, you will be provided a team’s assistance. So, in case any of the team members leaves or takes a vacation, the company will quickly find a substitute. Hiring professionals in-house in this situation would mean you have to begin your search from scratch.

And, of course, when you outsource web development, you can put efforts to business management instead of overseeing your developers day by day and hour by hour. Also, you only pay for the services when the work is done, while an in-house developer has to be salaried on a regular basis and may not possess the full set of skills you require.

  • Time efficiency

For the amount of money you can spend on development services in a western country, you may be able to hire only one developer or two while outsourcing allows hiring a team of developers for the same fee. As a result, work is completed faster.

  • High-quality professionals

Web development relies on code which is a universal “language” that a programmer from any part of the world can master and it would “sound” the same no matter where your team of outsourced developers comes from. The Internet has enabled information accessibility, so finding and hiring reputable developers and designers from any country in the world is easy.

  • Technology choice

When you outsource, you have a great advantage of hiring a full-stack company that can offer you a wide choice of technologies for web development and also the assistance of a team of experts, including a project manager to take care of the team’s progress, UI/UX designers to make your website user-friendly and a QA to detect bugs. With outsourcing, you get all of them working in one place.

5 steps to ensure your web development outsourcing is a success

Sometimes, businesses fail with outsourcing. The main reason is trying to find a high-class team that is worth at least $100K but expecting to pay them no more than $10 per hour, and also dealing with a team when you have no technical knowledge to determine whether they are professionals. This problem is quickly resolved when you deal with an outsourcing company. In this case, you can avoid disappointment by checking the company’s recommendations and average ratings on such websites as or Upwork.

Here’s what you have to consider when you choose to outsource your project.

1. Create a detailed list of your expectations.

Clearly state the scope of your expectations. Is it a simple redesign or website page restructuring will be needed? It will be much easier for your offshore team to make an estimate of the work that needs to be completed over your website if you can describe it (design, functionality, content, etc.).

When both understand the expectations, there is a much less chance for a surprise such as a new deadline or an extra budget.

2. Choose your team according to your list of expectations.

If you have no technical expertise, invite a professional consultant who will help you conduct an interview or send a personalized coding test for the candidates to make sure your team has the necessary skills. It is the most important step since you choose your business partner.

It would be wise to ask for the developers’ work examples of the previously completed project and conduct a live discussion to get acquainted with the people that you are going to work with. You’ll understand more about the team’s skills once you talk about your project and hear their questions and suggestions.

3. Set up a roadmap.

Upon approval of the estimate, provide your team with as much information as possible about design or functionality you want to see. Before the development is launched, agree about the timeline, realistic budget, progress reports and follow-ups and communication (emails or calls).

4. Collaborate with your team and manager.

During the development phase, it is important to let your team of developers know about issues and features that might be developed wrong. Ask them to send frequent updates. This way you will keep track of the progress and will make sure there is no misunderstanding or misguide in the results.

5. Use Scrum and oversee the project.

Building your collaboration with Scrum gives transparency to each project development stage and keeps your offshore team in constant cooperation. With Scrum, you are always aware of how the work is being done and can always promptly interfere with the process and identify if anything is going in the wrong direction.

8 reasons to outsource your web development to Ukraine

  1. Ukraine ranks as a number one outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe according to Outsourcing Journal and number four IT outsourcing services exporter in the world.

Ukraine is praised for:

  • Highly qualified IT experts
  • Reasonable prices
  • English knowledge skills
  • Innovative approach in development

2. There are almost 100,000 developers in Ukraine, and 19% of them have worked in IT for more than 7 years.

Each year, 38,000 students majoring in information technology graduate and join the Ukrainian IT workforce. By 2020, the number of software developers in Ukraine is estimated to reach 200,000.

*ComputerWorld estimations

The total anticipated number of developers is 18.5 million people in 2017 and 26.4 million in 2018.

3. There are more than 1,000 of IT companies working in Ukraine. The innovative IT climate has given rise to the growth of more than 2,000 startup companies.

Startups that began in Ukraine: PetCube, DepositPhotos, Grammarly, Mobalytics, Viewdle

4. 80% of Ukrainian developers are proficient in English.

41% of IT professionals are fluent in English and around 39% of developers are intermediate speakers.

5. Ukraine comes first in the world for the number of Unity3D developers, second for JavaScript, Scala and Magento and third for Node.js, Python, Ruby and PHP.

6. There are more than 100 R&D centers in Ukraine that include Boeing, eBay, Apple, Skype and Microsoft.

45% of such companies are from the U.S.

7. Ukraine has become home for a large number of its own major IT events that include Lviv IT Arena, iForum, DEV_Challenge and Agile Eastern Europe Conference.

The average attendance for such IT events ranges from 2,500 to 7,000 participants and includes international speakers from Western and Eastern Europe.

8. Ukraine has a convenient geographical location for outsourcing processes.

The time difference puts Ukraine (GTM+2) one hour ahead of most countries in Europe and enables fast communication.

Ukraine is on average seven hours ahead of the U.S. and is a more convenient choice for shared work hours compared to India and the Philippines.

Interested in hiring software developers in Ukraine?

We’re happy to help! Share your requirements with us.




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Onix-Systems provides IT services in website, mobile app and emerging technologies software development. Check our blog ->