How to Find and Hire Fintech Developers: 3 common options

When it comes to a fintech startup, you need to act like making iron and strike it while it’s hot. And this is precisely where a dedicated development team comes in handy. Currently, fintech application developers are in high demand due to the increasing role of fintech innovations.

According to CB Insights, the fintech market share across 48 fintech unicorns is now worth over US$187 billion (as of the first half of 2019). That is slightly over 1% of the global financial industry.

What should you do to find highly skilled fintech developers? Before starting fintech app developers recruiting process, answer the following questions:

  • What level of seniority do you need? Middle or senior developers?
  • What skills and experience should your specialists have?
  • Have you decided on a budget for hiring a team of fintech specialists?

Now, let’s dive into the most vital points you should bear in mind when hiring fintech application developers:

  • Concentrate on finding a fintech developer with the tech stack your project requires;
  • Make sure your fintech software development experts know how to create the product you need. It depends on the type of fintech app you have in mind since developing a digital banking solution and an insurance app is not the same;
  • Define the required experience beforehand;
  • Soft skills are essential criteria when hiring talents since they influence how well your team will interact with you and each other.

Apart from that, you have three common ways you can choose a team for your cooperation: find in-house software developers, hire a dedicated development team or find a fintech freelancer.

Pros of hiring a dedicated fintech development team

  • Excellent flexibility and scalability.
  • You don’t have to take care of the management process.
  • A dedicated team has deep technical expertise.
  • Usually, such a team can assist you at every product development stage: from validating your business idea to launch.

The most important thing is to remember your project’s goals, the scope of work, deadlines, and budget during the hiring process. Knowing this will help you choose the right web development company for you and your business.

You can gain more insights and valuable information on the hiring of fintech developers by reading our How to Find and Hire Fintech Developers guide.




Onix-Systems provides IT services in website, mobile app and emerging technologies software development. Check our blog ->

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Onix-Systems provides IT services in website, mobile app and emerging technologies software development. Check our blog ->

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