How to clear your browser cache

Our short instruction explains why it is important to clear cache and shows how to do it in most popular browsers on laptops and mobile devices.

You can download browsers at the following links:

What is browser cache anyway?

To display a website, your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) downloads multiple files and stores them temporarily on your computer. Such cache files are documents that comprise a website and include JavaScript scripts, HTML files, images, CSS and media files. As a result, when you open the same website for the second time, your browser doesn’t have to download these files again. This browser mechanism speeds up the page load time, so a user doesn’t have to wait for long to get the web page displayed and saves the load time in case of a slow internet connection.

Why clear cache if it is so useful?

Cache data storing takes away a lot of disk space on a computer, but most importantly, with time it starts causing problems with the website content because instead of downloading the updated version of a website, your browser collects data from the cache. It means that even after your website goes through an update, you won’t be able to see it because of cache. As a result, you may see an old website version or experience a problem when a website cannot load fully or an issue with formatting.

How to clear cache in your browser?

Clearing cache is very easy regardless of what browser or platform you are using. To remove such data, you should use the menu of your browser.

  1. Select Advanced tab and enable Show Develop menu.
  2. Go to Develop and select Empty caches.
  1. Click the Privacy icon and then the Details button.
  2. Do a search of the domain name of the website you want to clear cache for.
  3. Once you see the search result, click the domain name and click Remove.
  4. Click Done to close the window.
  1. Click Delete browsing history.


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