How to Build a Secure Medical Mobile App

The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the role of mobile-powered solutions, especially for the healthcare sector. As a result, clinics and other stakeholders are actively integrating them, while more and more patients look for medical information and providers online, book doctor appointments and remote consultations, use drug delivery services, and more.

If you aim to build a mobile medical app, you need to pay special attention to the patients’ privacy and health data security to minimize the risk of litigation and financial penalties for your organization and customers.

There is also the special issue of data security in healthcare app development: depending on the product’s functionality, the region where it will be used, and the data it will handle, it may have to comply with various national and international regulations and standards regarding consumers’ personal information and health data.

  • In the USA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulates how companies should guarantee the security of patients’ data and how it should be stored and transmitted between devices.
  • In Canada, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data in the private sector.
  • In the EU, mHealth apps fall under the jurisdiction of the GDPR (meaning General Data Protection Regulation).

If you haven’t developed mHealth products before, it may be beneficial to engage a specialized software development company right from the ideation phase to the app launch and on. They are familiar with all the best practices and technologies to ensure healthcare data security and can provide valuable insights that will help you save much time and reduce risks, to name a few.

The Mobile Development with an Eye on Health Data Security offers tips on developing a mobile medical app that will meet healthcare security requirements and prove helpful for the customers and profitable for your company.




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Onix-Systems provides IT services in website, mobile app and emerging technologies software development. Check our blog ->

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