How Machine Learning Enhances The Work of Whole Industries

AI vs. ML

Deep learning vs. ML

A helping “iron hand” for the steel industry

  • Optimization of production: When it comes to steel manufacturing industries, there are always a few unplanned events. For instance, the molten steel can break and pour out of the mold during the casting process. This can slow down the production of steel and even endanger the lives of workers. This can be both dangerous and expensive. ML play an important role in predicting such occurrences and thus helping to minimize them.
  • Predictive maintenance: Steel manufacturing companies schedule weekly maintenance check-ups. ML can assist in this procedure by predicting a particular machine required maintenance. So instead of the fixed weekly maintenance schedules, an as need-based maintenance plan can be implemented. This is vital for manufacturing companies who have a large quantity of on-site industrial machines.

Applications of ML in pharma and medicine

1 — Disease identification/diagnosis

2 — Robotic surgeries

Business and marketing adopting ML

AI in the media and entertainment industry




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