How Long Does It Take to Make a Website?

How long does it take to build a website? The amount of time varies depending on the goal, size, and complexity of the project. Moreover, projects of the same type differ from one another. Someone may spend months preparing content for an otherwise ‘simple’ project whereas others build an online store within days leveraging the benefits of WordPress.

It’s possible to predict with pretty good accuracy how long it will take a developer to build a website, as long as it’s not too complex.

To know what price and timeline to expect when you’re ordering a website, you need to account for the scope of the site and your expectations on quality, and also be aware that not all developers are equally fast.

A Basic Website Timeline

The website development timeline consists of several stages. The amount of time spent on each stage corresponds to its set of objectives and complexity.

Discovery and planning (80+ hours)
Content Creation (80+ hours)
UI/UX Design (48+ hours)
Web Development / Coding (16+ hours)
Beta Testing & Modification (8+ hours)
Official Launch (8+ hours)

Assessment by the Type of Website:

Regardless of the project’s scope, it’s crucial to establish a timeline of stages and objectives to ensure the optimal result within the shortest amount of time. The developers should establish delivery on time and budget. If you wish to get your website launched in a timely manner, try to have at least the product requirements and content ready beforehand.

Many developers cite 30–45 days as a ‘normal’ time frame but also agree that software development is dependent upon too many factors. An experienced PM should help you to consider all the factors and estimate the optimal time and cost to build your website. Contact Onix — we’ll be happy to help!

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