How Internet of Things is transforming healthcare

In the blog post below we’re exploring how IoT is offering new abundant opportunities for healthcare and what smart health solutions already exist to improve patients’ care.

Fitness trackers and smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home have already become part of a daily routine for many users. The Internet of Things growth is skyrocketing, though the technology is not very new. The idea originated in the 1990s, and since then it has unfolded into an intelligent concept that is increasingly gaining attention among biggest technology manufacturers in the world (Microsoft Corporation, General Electric, IBM Corporation, Cisco Systems) and is experiencing a 23% growth rate annually.

  • Providing better treatment based on more specific data
  • Reaching a wider range of healthcare providers
  • Providing remote patient monitoring through video and audio streaming
  • Sending emergency notifications to family members and a patient’s physician
  • Tracking the treatment process and sharing information with clinicians from around the country or other parts of the world
  • Managing and improving the hospital facility assets both for the staff and patients.

How a basic health checkup with a stethoscope can become smart

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