Google is urging websites to become even more mobile-friendly

On April 21, Google is launching a new mobile-friendly update that will improve ranking positions for sites that meet the search engine mobile-friendly requirements. According to Google, the new algorithm will accomplish its mission in about one week after the launch.

After that, we’ll start noticing how this update has affected ranking positions of sites in mobile search results. Google promises to rank sites that are “unfriendly” for mobile devices severely, sending them to lower search list results.

What Google means by its mobile-friendly updates

The beginning of the story dates back to November 2014, when Google for the first time started labeling sites as mobile-friendly if the web pages were adjusted to viewing on mobile devices. In April 2015, another significant step was announced in turning responsive design from an optional decision to a must-be condition in web development.

Mobile friendliness has become a crucial mark for good rankings because of the constantly growing number of users that are switching to mobile Internet browsing.

The newest algorithm from Google aims to provide users with even more relevant mobile-friendly web pages in search results. The first wave of possible ranking penalties in 2015 referred to individual pages of a website, but the upcoming wave will take effect over an entire website. The beginning of May 2016 has already been denoted as a new Mobilegeddon.

To find out hoe Google measures mobile-friendliness, please click here.

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