FinTech Apps: Market & Statistics [Infographic]

Technologies are permeating all industries, and the financial sector is no exception — especially now when consumers demand a seamless digital experience when handling their finances. Traditional financial institutions risk losing out if they won’t invest in providing their customers with innovations soon. These demands work as a spark that ignites new collaborations between FinTech startups, technology companies, and traditional financial institutions.

The infamous COVID-19 outbreak, which has forced millions of people to work, learn and live in isolation, has helped the FinTech industry bloom. And since mobile technology is on the rise too, FinTech apps have got a double boost to expansion.

Here we’ve gathered some informative and valuable statistics that will unsheath some robust numbers considering the current state of the FinTech market:

As you can see, it would be wise for businesses of any size to consider a FinTech investment for the future. Today you still may slide by, but once technology catches up, it will be so much harder to catch up. Thus, if you were saving some FinTech ideas for a better day to come — that day is today.

The Onix team has a great deal of FinTech experience to put to good use; we have expertise in creating FinTech solutions of different types: from crypto projects to micro-investing apps. So don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you want to create a fintech app enhanced with innovative technologies.


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