Big data collection in IoT made effective 

An estimated 20 billion devices will get connected to the Internet by 2020, producing an enormous amount of data. Accurate interpretation of information generated through IoT networks will open up new ways for data utilization in all business areas such as healthcare, travel and retail.

The increasing impact of IoT technology also poses a new challenge for effective data collection. It raises the stakes to produce better technology solutions that are capable of capturing and storing data produced in a network and then differentiating important data from the total.

How big data changes IoT data collection practices

For a modern company, information analysis is the key business foundational element which reaches much further than the statistics about users’ activities on a website. It includes tracking information that is being produced inside and outside a company.

To cope with the overwhelming volume of data in the Internet of Things, technological advances in rebuilding database infrastructure and data analysis principles are required. The traditional approach to data analysis (collecting information and pulling it through software) has to be modified in order for it to handle the vast amounts of incoming data.

To process vast amounts of data in IoT, advanced solutions for database structuring and data analysis practices are necessary.

Initial data analysis must be drawn closer to data origination sources. This means moving analysis away from an IoT network to avoid overloading the IoT network. Management of new data needs to move to applications that represent the network’s edge.

To learn about a new database structure for rapid data processing, please click here.

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