Benefits of developing a website using PHP 7

Around 82% of all websites on the Internet have been built using PHP. This server-side programming language is used and admired by social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; Wikipedia and Wordpress. No doubt PHP is the most sought after programming language globally. It provides solutions that are most suitable for social media, e-commerce, banking and other types of websites.

Why PHP remains so popular

PHP has been present on the programming market since 1994. The technology has significantly evolved over 22 years, and its popularity is still increasing. There are good reasons why PHP has turned into a long-lived and dominant development tool.

· Compared to such programming languages as Java or .Net, PHP is easy to understand and learn, making it possible for programmers to take advantage of giant libraries created over 22 years ago.

· PHP is a server-side programming language, which means that websites built in PHP can be accessed from any computer or device. Processing is conducted on a host server, not on a user’s computer.

· PHP serves as a foundation for the most popular CMS plugins (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OpenCart) and frameworks (Symfony, CodeIgniter).

· Because PHP is so widespread, there are a great amount of experienced developers with the tools to create rapid and uncomplicated solutions for your project.

· PHP is free and does not require fees for licensing.

· PHP code integrates with all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix) and is user-friendly.

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