Amazon Echo is taking a leading role in smart home ecosystem development

Amazon Echo is a major force in leading the broad array of IoT smart home products. The reason is simple. Amazon continually adds to Echo’s skills and is broadening connections to other Internet platforms, such as Spotify, Uber, Domino’s Pizza and Audiobooks, as well as offering a tremendous amount of content to Amazon Prime members.

Why Amazon Echo is different

Echo is a virtual home assistant that interacts through its wireless speaker, Alexa. There is no longer need for a smartphone or an app to perform many tasks. This voice to text is revolutionizing the way we use devices at home.

Echo always stays connected and available to anyone at home. Users are not restricted with a choice of mobile phones because Echo is not tied to them. Echo’s Bluetooth speaker is connected to Wi-Fi in order to perform voice command processing. The smart controller responds to the wake word, “Alexa”.

Once Echo wakes up and hears the command, the device instantly records it and sends the audio to Amazon for processing. The audio data is analyzed and becomes a command, which Echo performs instantly. The history of user voice commands is saved and helps the device become smarter as time goes on. The more information Alexa perceives, the more efficient the device becomes, adapting to a user’s speech patterns, preferences and vocabulary.

Amazon Echo uses “far-field” voice recognition technology and has seven built-in microphones that distinguish a voice of an individual speaking to it even if there is extra noise around in the same room (such as TV). Sound quality is superb and is distributed 360 degrees.

Currently Echo supports more than one hundred of “skills”. Now that Amazon has released the SDK for Echo to third parties, existing skills will be polished and the number of capabilities supported by this virtual assistant will continue to grow.

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