Advantages of web development with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open source multilevel web development framework that first reached the public in 2006. This high-level technology ensures faster time frames for development, flexible and advanced development process and better site performance. Rails also helps make website development and its maintenance more cost-effective compared to other popular web development technologies.

Since its public release, RoR has turned into a favored development tool that many well-known e-commerce, service and platform brands have already utilized to build their websites (Shopify, Dribble, GitHub, Hulu and Groupon) and have ignited interest among existing businesses and start-ups.

What value RoR brings to web development

Ruby on Rails does not belong to cheap development technologies, but provides considerable benefits that allow speedy development with less code written and errors made.

- Faster development time lapse.

RoR minimizes time on website development in about 30–40% due to lean code base (less lines), modular design (components within the framework can be used again, so there is no need to create new ones every time) and a wide range of ready-to-use plugin solutions for feature development.

- Easy code maintenance and update.

Ruby on Rails makes it easy to modify the existing code or add new features to the site. This framework is most effective for long-term projects due to its stability and predictability, so substitution of a team member will never be a problem.

- Cost-effectiveness.

Since the whole development process and code updates are performed faster, business owners tend to spend less money on the development of their website and its upgrade and always receive an expected level of quality.

- Suitable for all business industries.

As a programming language, RoR is flexible, so it can be easily attuned to any field of business, whether it is project management or a site building platform.

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