5 React.js Advantages for Your Business’ App

About the React Library

React.js Advantages

1. Simplicity

2. Performance

3. One-Way Data Binding

4. Community

5. Native Approach

  • Airbnb. The reusability of React.js components and simple code refactoring and iterating were the reasons for switching to the library. Now, it is used in internal structures of the web page and mobile app.
  • Instagram.com. The library helped optimize the web app and make it fast and comfortable for users to access the social platform. Now, both the mobile and web apps are built with React.
  • Netflix. Netflix chose React.js due to its one-way data binding and declarative approach to programming.
  • Pinterest. The app switched from an internal UI library to React because of its virtual Document Object Model.
  • React.js only corresponds to the ‘View’ in a MVC structure. Integrating it into an MVC framework would require some configuration. However, there is usually a ready-made solution or the possibility to use Webpack or another assembler of choice. Here is a solution for Rails, for example: https://github.com/rails/webpacker.
  • Two-way data binding may cause cascading failures in React. To prevent two-way binding while integrating an MVC, Flux or Redux should be utilized.
  • The virtual DOM makes React more CPU-intensive than other methods of updating the DOM. For instance, jQuery and pure JavaScript will be about 3 times faster than React to load and display the simplest ‘Hello, world’ application in Chrome. However, improvements can be realized with memorization and other good development practices.
  • Too many different ways to create and manage a React component, as well as state management tools emerging, make it difficult to select the best option. However, it’s not an issue once the project team has adopted a certain workflow and developed own documentation for the easier introduction to new team members and/or the project hand-over.




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