3 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Dedicated Development Team

The problem of finding and hiring the right tech talents due to the ever-rising demand for IT services is still continuing. If you have a little time and budget, hiring a dedicated development team is your solution. Instead of relying only on the local workforce, you can hire top specialists from more affordable foreign markets. Also, it’s even more reasonable during the COVID-19 crisis that makes teams shift to remote work anyway and puts budgets under increasing pressure.

In our latest article, we outlined the benefits of remote software development and procedures to hire the right workers. In this article, we want to consider the 3 main mistakes you can make when hiring a dedicated development team. We’re hoping that you will avoid these problems in the future.

1. Choosing a Company without Researching

It’s important to do research about a company. You can find much information about it on their website or through communication with its manager. Also, pay attention to a company’s blog and visit its official pages on social media.

The last but not least, read customer reviews about the company on Clutch.co. Learn how long the company has been in the market and how many projects they have taken part in.

2. Limiting Selection to Only Local Developers

While looking for the right tech people, do not limit yourself to geographical boundaries. Nowadays, advanced communication possibilities allow you to go beyond geographical barriers and choose your partner not just among local developers.

Certainly, significant time differences may cause delays, inconveniences, and distractions to the startup leadership and the distributed team. However, the right communication strategy and tools will mitigate the inconveniences and risks.

3. Paying Only A Fixed Price

A fixed price is justified only for small projects when all variables are fixed and steady. In fact, it is quite a rare occasion.

More frequently experienced developers prefer to work based on the time & material model which will eventually benefit both parties. This approach is especially important for long-term projects because business requirements can also change over time.


Hiring a remote technical team can be difficult, but if you approach this task correctly and avoid these common mistakes, everything will be fine.

In a nutshell, the benefits of remote software development teams for businesses include access to the best talent out there, work around the clock, quick project completion, and exemption from the bulk of administrative and project management tasks. Also, startups that outsource software development offshore can achieve more significant economies.

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